Contribute - stories, images, objects or podcasts?

Stuff - Do you have a story or perhaps an image, some music, a symbol, or line or two from a poem about migration, pain and/or transnational dying? Please send it to me and it can be included on the website.

Blog - If you would like to write something for the blog, send me your idea for a short post of up to 800 words. 

Podcast - If you know someone who is doing work that is relevant to this project or has experience of transnational dying, why not do your own podcast and send it to me? The aim of the podcasts is to provide listeners with ideas and insights into stories, transnational dying and end of life care for migrants. The interviews should be relatively short, no more than 30 minutes. I prepare 3-4 questions and send them beforehand to the person I am interviewing. They can change or suggest new questions.

If you don't have a recorder you can use any of these and send the interview to me as an MP3 file.


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